How to Change Positioning

Taking Olathe Ford Lincoln from ‘O’Fordable’ to ‘MVP'
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Fasone & Partners, Inc

What have we done for you lately?

Don't get me wrong. We're proud of all the advertising we've written, designed, produced and recorded, but our next project will be our best yet. More

We ARE media stars.

Smart media planning. Tough negotiating. Seasoned buying. We didn't get to be Kansas City’s best, brightest and biggest media shop on good looks alone. More

Put any three of us against three of them.

It doesn't matter how big your ad agency is, three or four people are doing all the heavy-lifting. The bigger question is which three are working on your account? More


Who do we think we are!?!

Loyalty isn't a word often used around advertising agencies. Neither are words like "longevity," "ego free" or "nurturing." But they’re at the very foundation of this ad firm.

We’re "The Little Agency That Roars!"

Since 1975 our attention has been on becoming the brightest, not the biggest, ad agency in Kansas City. So we hire smart and work with smarter clients who are ready to roar. Then we fiercely stick by them.

This is where you'll find us.

This is where you can meet our partners, see our work, discover the secrets to our success and find your "roar!"

Too smart to be big.
We’re "The Little Agency That Roars!"

Our Goal for 2016

The year
of the...

Our philosophy

Do the Right Thing — for our clients, our vendors and ourselves.

Our Pillars